Goulston & Storrs

A Client Success Story

How bigsquare has helped GOulston and Storrs change the way they problem solve and analyze their business

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Are you searching for a Business Intelligence solution that provides your attorneys and firm administration with accurate information all in one place?

Goulston & Storrs implemented BigSquare’s Attorney Analytics which gave them an application that is one version of the truth.

“I open up BigSquare first thing each day to get the overall stats on our key metrics. It keeps me up to date on meeting our planned goals, and I feel ready when asked arbitrarily how the firm is doing. - Donna Gardikas, Manager of Financial Analysis

Our case study with Goulston & Storrs highlights their Return on Investment that includes:

  • Reduced time burden on the finance team
  • All members now can see important metrics every single day
  • It's a one-stop-shop to access all the firm's reports

Download this case study now to help find your One Version of the Truth!

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